On this page is the video story of my travels across and around the U.S. in reverse order

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Episode 160

Royal Palm & Frogs


Episode 159



Episode 158

Road to the Everglades


Episode 157

NOLA to Florida


Episode 156

Eating New Orleans


Episode 155

Misc & Racing


Episode 154

Lost Solar Cell


Episode 153

Padre Island



Law West of the Pecos



Hot Springs


Episode 150

Fighting Evasive Species Texas Style


Episode 149

 Marfa Mystery Lights


Episode 148

Sand Hill Cranes Winter Home


Episode 147

Yuma Territorial Prison


Episode 146

Blue/Blood Moon


Episode 145

London Bridge



Doughnuts, Ghosts, and Flat Tire


Episode 143

Stone Men


Episode 142

Standing on a Corner


Episode 141

Painted Desert and Petrified Forest


Episode 140

New Tires and Challenging Road


Episode 139

Acoma Pueblo


Episode 138

Cadillac Ranch


Episode 137

Shower Time


Episode 136

Chisholm Trail


Episode 135

Oklahoma Territorial Museum


Episode 134

Free Campsite in Arkansas


Episode 133

Shiloh Indian Mounds


Episode 132

Bloody Shiloh


Episode 131

Surprise Meet Up


Episode 130

Natchez Trace


Episode 129

Andrew Jackson's Hermitage


Episode 128

Mammoth Cave


Episode 127

Lincoln's Birthplace


Episode 126

Oscar Getz Whiskey Museum


Episode 125

Boondocking in Daniel Boone National Forest


Episode 124

Birth of an Industry


Episode 123

On the Road Again


Episode 122

Thermal Curtains


Episode 121

Tour of Les Stuphnbuz After 11 months on the road


Episode 120

Name that Skoolie


Episode 119

Golden Hill St Park


Episode 118

Refugees from WWII


Episode 117

Fort Ontario


Episode 116

Sackets Harbor Battlefield


Episode 115

Cold War Relic


Episode 114

Ben & Jerry's


Episode 113

Portland Head & Fort Williams


Episode 112

Eastern End of US 20


Episode 111

Old Sturbridge Village


Episode 110

Dr Suess Museum


Episode 109

Hancock Shaker Village


Episode 108

Secret Cavern


Episode 107

Labor Day 2017


Episode 106

Harriett Tubman's Home


Episode 105

Women's Rights National Historic Site


Episode 104

Ganongadan Seneca Historic Site


Episode 103

Jello Museum


Episode 102

New Solar Water Heater


Episode 101

Back up Camera & CB Install


Episode 100

Cleveland & Break Time


Episode 99

Seneca Cavern


Episode 98

President Hayes Home & Museum


Episode 97

Running Chicago


Episode 96

Memory Lane


Episode 95

U.S. Grant


Episode 94

If You Build It


Episode 93

City Park to Country Park


Episode 92

How and Why Become A South Dakota Resident


Episode 91

Free Camping and Dead Rhinos


Episode 90

Museum of the Fur Trade


Episode 89

Something Special at Fort Robinson


Episode 88

Fort Casper


Episode 87

Hell's Half Acre and Goldeneye


Episode 86

Wyoming Dinosaur Center


Episode 85

Buffalo Bill Center of the West


Episode 84

Yellowstone Day 2


Episode 83

Yellowstone Day 1


Episode 82

The Mighty Spud


Episode 81

New Tires & Brake Check


Episode 80

New Storage


Episode 79

Electrical Upgrades


Episode 78

Atomic Museum


Episode 77

Craters of the Moon


Episode 76

Lava Cast Forest


Episode 75

Six Months on the Road


Episode 74

Sailing Ships & Summer Trips


Episode 73

Snow? In May?


Episode 72

New Screens


Episode 71

Pearson Field


Episode 70

Fort Vancouver


Episode 69

Mt St Helens?


Episode 68

West Coast RV Recycling


Episode 67

Herb Garden


Episode 66

I Touched Canada (and I liked it)


Episode 65

Ferry Boat Ride


Episode 64

Cape Flattery


Episode 63

Giving Back to the NPS


Episode 62

Rain Forest


Episode 61

Astoria Column & Goonie House


Episode 60

Fort Stevens


Episode 59

Lewis & Clark


Episode 58

Bread and Cheese Part 2


Episode 57

Bread and Cheese Part 1


Episode 56

Rainy Day Blow Hole


Episode 55

Wind, Rain, and Gambling


Episode 54

Redwoods, Lighthouse, and Taxes


Episode 53

Panther Flats Campground


Episode 52

Oregon Caves Part 2


Episode 51

Oregon Caves Part 1


Episode 50

Safety Upgrades


Episode 49

Plumbing Adventure with Mudspringer


Episode 48

Visiting with a Fellow Skoolie Owner


Episode 47

To Crater or Not to Crater


Episode 46

U.S. Snowshoe Championships


Episode 45

Antelope Island


Episode 44

Maintenance and Upgrades


Episode 43

Moab Giants


Episode 42

Arches National Monument


Episode 41

 Four States in One Day and Monument Valley


Episode 40

Grand Canyon


Episode 39

Grand Canyon Caverns


Episode 38

Saguaro National Monument


Episode 37

Fort Bowie and Apache Pass


Episode 36

Horses and Sand Dunes


Episode 35

Carlsbad Caverns


Episode 34

Rock n Glass


Episode 33

LBJ Ranch


Episode 32

Day in the Park & Visitors


Episode 31

Hidden Texas Gem


Episode 30

Hot Stuff


Episode 29

New Orleans


Episode 28

Day at the Beach


Episode 27

Three State Day


Episode 26

Reefer Madness


Episode 25

Apalachicola Florida


Episode 24

Natural Bridge Battlefield and San Marcos de Aplalache


Episode 23

January 2017 Update


Episode 22

Car Show


Episode 21

Royal Palm & Nike Missiles


Episode 20

Alligator Bits are Chewy


Episode 19

Flamingo FL- Southern Tip of the Everglades


Episode 18

Monument Lake Campground


Episode 17

The Much Requested Tour


Episode 16

Refrigerator Not up to Snuff


Episode 15

Hickory Hammock Equestrian Campground


Episode 14

Cone Creek Boat Launch


Episode 13

Fort Sumter


Episode 12

Fort Moultaire


Episode 11

Unknown Founding Father


Episode 10

Myrtle Beach


Episode 9

Moores Creek Bridge


Episode 8

Alamance Battlefield


Episode 7

Guilford Courthouse


Episode 6

Danville, VA


Episode 5

Appomattox Courthouse


Episode 4

Smith Mt Lake State Park


Episode 3

Harpers Ferry


Episode 2

Antietam Battlefield


Episode 1

The Journey Begins